Chicago, Illinois: Locally owned WNUK Construction Company is pleased to announce that we are now ready to serve more Chicago residents. WCC now has a broad scope of construction services for remodeling, flooring, and exterior project requirements. Our company has a long standing history of excellence in services. A trusted brand for decades, WNUK has an unwavering capability of working at any type of project, big or small, and at any budget. Our mission is to provide friendly and professional services in all residents of Chicago, for any imaginable projects. We offer classic, contemporary, and ultramodern architectural and construction designs for homes, apartments, and condo units. 

If you are planning to have your kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodeled or fixed, we got you covered. Do you need help with your roof, decks, and sidings, we are here to help. We also do all kinds of flooring for your gym, bath, kitchen, and other spaces in your home. Our team of experts shares a common goal, which is to provide you with an efficient plan, in order to make the spaces work for you. We are proud to provide the latest trends in architectural support, design, and construction. The end result of our finished project indicates function, form and aesthetics, all rolled into one. From ultramodern, country, rustic, and luxury styles, we can make your dreams come true. 

Perhaps, you need to spruce up your home prior to a sale? We are proud partners of real estate firms in Chicago, that require fixing or remodeling homes for sale and open house showcase. Our services also include remodeling windows, garage, sidings, patios, and other construction projects. Perhaps you want to turn your basement into a cellar, a library, or a music room, you only need to call. Modernizing or sprucing up your homes is a great way to enhance the value of the property. If you are a freelance or independent real estate agent, we can certainly help you out with your requirements. Our website features free estimate calculator. It is completely free and you get quick calculation results. 

About WNUK Construction Company 

The WNUK Construction Company has over three decades of experience in the field. The company specializes in many typed of remodeling and reconstruction projects. The Company also provides emergency services, such as fixes for any type of situation. WNUK Constriction Co. is aware and up to date with environmental and work safety regulations. The crew consists of experienced professionals in their field. The honest, well mannered, and hard working crew is a reflection of our commitment to provide Chicago residents with no less than excellent service. Our crew is a cut above the rest, which is a guarantee. 

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To learn more about our services, please visit for more details. View the gallery for our accomplished works, as well as the services offered. For any inquiry or for free estimates, please never hesitate to use the following contact details: 

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