May 3, 2012 – Many women have long loved the look of the clothing that men have worn for formal occasions, perhaps even wondering how some of those design ideas could be applied to women’s fashion. Today, now that fashioning is blossoming forth with whole new looks like never before, a number of women are deciding they want to try out new looks that bring that masculine look into feminine territory with clarity and vision. The popular choice of a boyfriend shirt calls on the look that men are known to wear, but updates it to fit the contours of a woman’s body in such a way that the shirt itself becomes a definitely feminine fashion statement. For those who adore the more classy look that men’s fashion has enjoyed, particularly men’s professional attire, this is certainly the sort of revolution they have been waiting for. The look of the 1980′s is hot again and that more formal tone is certainly one that is appropriate for today’s women of all ages, setting a bold foot forward into this new post millennial era. With the ease of shopping on the web, a lot of women are finding that they can get everything they need in order to pull this look off with flair right over the internet.

Claridge and King was founded by a pair of Connecticut sisters who have made their dreams of offering a unique type of fashion that took its inspiration from men’s apparel and the look of high fashion in the 1980′s. Today, their online store offers everything from white shirts for women to lounge wear, accessories and more. By offering such high quality fashions over the web, they can help their customers find the right fit for them and be detailed about the products they offer so that every woman ends up looking precisely how she had envisioned herself. By bringing the best straight to the doors of their customers, Claridge and King makes it easy for so many women to find an ideal look that is going to work for them and not force them to shop all over the place in order to find what they want.

To learn more about Claridge and King and all of the products they offer, visitors should head to right now. Or they can call toll free 1-800-269-6514 to speak with someone right over the phone.

Contact Info:

Name : Laurann Claridge
Phone : 800.269.6514
Address : 15 East Greenway Plaza, Suite 19D
Houston, TX 77046