World’s Largest Book Launch Soon Underway for the Rich Launch Event in Kurdistan, Iraq by Entrepreneur K1 Mirzaee

Kurdistan, Iraq; 3 September, 2013: K1 Mirzaee, entrepreneur and founder of K1 Academy is pleased to announce the world’s first information product launch ever in Kurdistan, Iraq by the first international Kurdish entrepreneur and author inspired by Apple’s Steve Jobs. The “Rich Launch” is presented by K1 Academy and will feature of variety of presentations relating to three areas of importance: Self-Improvement, Information Product Launches, Content Marketing and Monetizing. The Rich Launch Event is a book launch for I’m the Richest Person in the World, and an all-encompassing event designed to propel anyone toward success. Prizes, gifts and more will be provided at this once-in-a-lifetime event. 

Over 1,000 attendees are expected at this FREE event. Attendees will receive a free copy of I’m the Richest Person in the World. With iconic presenters, world class entertainment, and over 100 journalists covering the event, The Rich Launch is expected to be one of the most exciting events in the world and in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Attendees will learn how to harness the power to change the world, much as Steve Jobs did. The event will be one not to miss, with networking opportunities and free knowledge galore. More importantly, attendees will learn how to tap the power of their own strengths to develop programs and content that is worthwhile, and in turn, live a worthwhile life. This in turn will make them feel like someone who is the Richest Person in the World.

K1 Mirzaee
Azadi (Freedom) Hall, Saad Conference Center, Erbil
Date: December 2013

“This is all about living a meaningful life and live a life that we all deserve. But this is impossible without having the right mindset and the right definition of concepts. Today we will touch lives in the rich launch because we will be there to define the richest concept which is the rich concept based on a 10 years story and a step by step framework which is known as The Rich Bible,” stated Mirzaee. He hopes to see many from around the world attend this new event. 

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