Worx Presents Its Comprehensive Web Development and Promotional Services

United Kingdom, 11, April 2016: Having a website is among the most essential elements for businesses today. In order to expand and grow, companies whether big or small are moving ahead and creating their web presence. However, not all of them give the required importance to their web presence. Also, there are not many experienced professionals who offer the right guidance and effective services to reap in the key benefits. One company that is determined to offer comprehensive set of professional services in the field of web development and promotion is Worx.

The company is based in UK and is a growing yet popular online service provider. Their services are basically based on the WordPress platform. When one books their WordPress development services, the experts from the company develop a secured website that comes with a host of benefits. Firstly, WordPress design is worked on depending on the industry and need of the customer. Then once the website is complete, the company offers its website support services that includes proactively managing the website, suggesting tons of ways in which customers can improve their performance and suggest the best ways in which they could take the business forward.

Their plans need customers to only direct the company to make the required changes. An email with the instructions and data is all customers need to offer. The dedicated experts from the company will take care of updating and uploading everything that is required. The services by this WordPress agency is intended to offer support to customers who have a website that is under performing or appears to be outdated. The company is presently offering different plans that can be selected based on the budgets and needs of the customer. However, each of its plan comes with 24/7 support, quick and superior hosting, locked down site suite, regular back-ups, mobile and SEO optimization, etc. Most importantly, the plans are pretty straight forward and come all-inclusive. So customer only needs to select the kind of assistance they need and select the plan that suits their needs.

To know more about their services or plans, customers can check their website. The website offers detailed information about how to subscribe to these plans and the customer reviews to know their quality of services. The pricing section gives all the details about the prices and inclusions. Presently there are two dedicated plans for website management i.e. Pro and VIP for 80 pounds and 150 pounds respectively.

About Worx


Worx is an online service provider that offers a wide variety of WordPress development and promotional services. Presently, the company is offering two plans namely Pro & VIP. To know more about their services or get answers to any particular query, customers can check their website.