Stamford, CT There is a new trend of creating automatic blogs called auto blogging that has made blogging easy and completely automated. Through this latest method of creating blogs, lots of internet marketers have got a chance to make big money. For writing hundreds of blogs a day, an internet marketer would have to employ many writers and pay them handsome amounts to get the desired quality and quantity. However, now with this latest feature, hundreds of blogs can be created within no time. The quality in all the blogs has to be maintained in order to attract maximum internet users and increase the page rank of the clients’ websites.


A WordPress Autoblogging Plugin is a wonderful feature that blog writers can use successfully to post blogs. This feature schedules and posts the blogs at regular intervals to make sure that the blogs appear fresh. This feature is available for free on the internet, but an effective autoblog plugin is the one that requires the user to pay a certain amount and obtain license for usage. There are some great websites that provide this type of plugins and the cost varies in case of different service providers.


On the internet, an autoblogging plugin is created occasionally for providing automated blog solutions. Price always matters, but the functions that a plugin provides are more important as the number of blogs and their quality are the real money-spinners. There are some really useful autoblogging solutions that find articles and a variety of other information that is related to the keywords that are entered. An internet marketer can thus have numerous articles and blogs at the end of the week. There are several other automated tools that come bundled with the plugins that helps in social bookmarking, pinging to RSS networks and other functions.


The users of auto blogging feature need to install WordPress on their domain and hosting account. It has RSS functionality as a built-in feature that is required to collect valuable content from various sources on the internet. They are then published on the user’s own website. The paid plugins will always have more functionalities than the freely available ones. WP Auto provides all the necessary features that allow internet marketers to save a lot of time. It has a great feature called Spinner that uses artificial intelligence with the plugin that gathers quality content and valuable information from a variety of sources. For more information, visit