Xceedbd Officially Launches Offshore Virtual Assistant Service For Better Affordability And Reliability

NEW YORK, April 11, 2016 — On popular demand, Xceedbd has finally officially launched their full scale virtual assistant services in offshore location. The new location is based in Bangladesh, a nation which is quickly growing up to be one of the best places to startup new IT solutions. The new offshore working space will ensure cost effective packages for already existing and new clients. The services have already gone up and are live for anyone to use.

Xceedbd.com is Xceedbd.com is best known for their exceptional services in the IT industry. They have been providing web services such as web design and development, graphics design, SEO consultation, conversion services for SBI and much more for almost a decade now. The company also has a sister site that is dedicated in providing undisturbed and unparalleled Virtual Assistant services. The site, Vatask.com has become home to many local individuals seeking excellent positions in the IT industry. Their virtual assistant services provide everything a running online business requires.

'’Our move to extend our services in offshore reasons will benefit both our existing and new clients. With this, we are able to better manage the costs that occur when you request an online IT based services such as web design and development as well as SEO consultation and practical SEO’’ said Muhammad Moin, chief of operations at Xceedbd.

'’Our offshore office is all set to take on the world. We are already dealing with very demanding clients and as a result of our new offices in Bangladesh, we are seeing more clients than ever. The new location is equipped with state of the art servers and desktops to enable our professionals peace of mind when working on just about any project thrown at them’’ continued, Moin.

Xceedbd and Vatask will now be offering extended services to existing and new clients starting today. These services include, but are not limited to:

Website design and development — equipped with latest technology and the hands needed to get the job done, Xceedbd is now offering better than ever web design and development services at all new affordable packages.

Virtual Assistant — Offshore office allows extreme diversity of virtual assistant services. Vatask is now offering a team of extremely capable and talented individuals to help clients reach new heights in the online world marketplace.

Conversion services — New to Xceedbd offshore services, the conversion services are here to deal with all your site conversion jobs such as moving your entire database from one content management system to another.

Content Creation — The all new team at Xceedbd now also include expert content creators who are well versed in the art of playing with words.

SEO consultation — Xceedbd will also be offering extended SEO services which now include SEO consultation for gaining an upper hand on search engines and business competitors.
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