The powerplant determination takes the vertical take-off and landing business flying machine a stage nearer to its certification in 2023.

The world has never seen such a startup. Crowd funding is usually associated with consumer products, such as smart phones or watches. But the company XTI Aircraft from Denver, Colorado, United States, decided to go ahead and not to waste its talents on trifles. Someone should solve the problem of traffic jams in metropolitan areas.

The draft of a hybrid aircraft with the helicopter received the name of TRIFAN 600. A fully certified high-speed commercial aircraft with long-range vertical takeoff and landing.

The company that is designing this aircraft, which combines the vertical lift capability of a helicopter with the speed of a plane, is ready to launch its fund-raising campaign according to the new rules approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

TriFan 600

The project has been developed for two years. TRIFAN 600 is planned to be build of composite materials, with fixed wings and five seats plus one seat for a pilot. This is a project for businessmen and it is ready to offer a solution of the traffic problem in the crowded city with a speed of 400 miles per hour or 644 kilometer per hour. However, it can easily fly between cities (and countries). The maximum operation celling of the hybrid aircraft is about 30000 feet (9000 meters). Two turboshaft engine allow you to fly from 800 to 1200 miles per one fuel filling (or from 1300 to 1900 km), depending on the method of taking-off and payload.

A vertical take-off is provided by three channeled fan built into the chassis and used with sliding hatches. If necessary, they can be installed outside. The concept involves several variants of design.

The plane itself is presented as a project that allows to deliver passengers “from door to door”. And it doesn’t matter if it is the door at the airport, the roof of a skyscraper marked «H» or the backyard of your country cottage. TRIFAN 600 does not need any special sites for taking-off and landing, and can land on any flat surface.

The company XTI is planning to offer its aircraft for the business customers at a price ranging from $10 million to $12 million USD as a convenient mean of transport with hybrid features. Inside the plane, you can equip everything to your liking. The company says that TRIFAN 600 has a choice of several types of interior layouts, ranging from a luxury business interior and finishing with a configuration for medical emergency evacuation services. The aircraft can also be used by EMERCOM, special forces, transport corporations and all those, who are willing to become a potential customer.

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