China - Aickar, a well-known manufacturer and supplier of essential oil diffuser and aroma diffuser products, recently started providing offline solutions for brick-and-mortar dealers who specifically cater to offline customers. Besides partnering with leading ecommerce stores, Aickar has also partnered with offline dealers that are leaders in the brick-and-mortar retail market. With a hose of bespoke solutions already announced for offline sellers, Aickar management hopes that the sales of their yoga essential oil diffuser and other products will now increase by leaps and bounds.

For providing unmatched offline customer solutions, Aickar management has already built a research and development team and accepting ODM orders as well. The leading supplier of GYM aroma diffuser products now also supplies their latest designs to offline dealers that are interested in long-term and symbiotic collaboration. Aickar now provides flexible payment options for their offline dealers so that they can grow their business step-by-step. The company now lays priority on their latest design and has embraced a more dealer-friendly protection policy.

Aickar owners recently said that since their living room aroma diffuser products bear FCC, UL, RoHS and CE certificates, dealers may show these certificates and seal of approval to prospective customers for earning their trust. On the other hand, the customers can also be rest assured about the quality and safety of the products. Aickar, which has already inaugurated its Los Angeles warehouse and branch, is now offering 2-year warranty on their aroma diffuser and other products. In addition to that, the company is also offering excellent post-sales service to their customers.

If some product is not performing well, Aickar is ready to replace that product within 180 days. Also, the design team of Aickar can now design pint-of-sale display items to boost in-store sales. Aickar also now assumes full responsibility for timely delivery of their products and complete supply chain management from warehouse to the retail store. One of the owners of Aickar added that they now have the adequate resources to deliver their products to stores of dealers on time and help the dealers with order and inventory management as well.

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