Zigong Intelligent Technology Co Ltd designs and manufactures dinosaur animatronics

China, 20, April 2016: Both adults and kids do have special fascination for dinosaurs as these reptiles used to dominate the earth before the emergence of mankind. It is for this reason that many amusing parks and playgrounds do keep replicas of these pre-historic species just to draw the attention of dinosaur lovers comprising of kids and teen agers. Now for creating more realistic impression among the audiences there is a sharp rise in demand of animatronic dinosaur models in these commercial parks. There are various agencies which supply such products to these parks and other relevant organizations. Zigong Intelligent Technology Co Ltd is one such firm that is specialized in manufacturing costumes and animatronics of dinosaurs and other animals as well.

Clients need to log on its website of dinosaursuite.com to view its products and other works before placing order for such items. Its core technology team comprises of some top talents who always work on to provide the best products in the industry. Its animatronic products based on dinosaurs mainly include Jurassic robotic T-rex, Simulation raptor, Giant Mamenchisaurus, life size diplodocus puzzle, realistic mechanical walking dinosaurs, fiberglass dinosaur Triceratops etc. All its products have secured approval from leading quality control agencies of China and other countries around the world. Its superior quality dinosaur fossil replica is made of fiberglass and is supplied in museums, theme parks and other relevant places.

This manufacturing firm is strong in creating walking realistic dinosaur costume which is light weight and supports vivid movements. It is flexible and not much restrictive. It is primarily made of silicone, foam and stainless steel. It is available in different colors and people wearing it can control physical actions like eye blinking, roaring and breathing at the time of walking and running. The overall weight of the product is about 18 kg to 25 kg and due to the reasonable power distribution and balance people will not feel it heavy.

Its life like dinosaur costume is a best prop for amusement parks, shopping markets, theme parks, birthday parties, water parks, zoo, schools etc. The weight of this item is only about 21 kg and performer can easily control the movement of dinosaurs that include walking, neck up, mouth opening, turning the head towards right and left direction, closing and opening of eyes and so on. For information customers can contact its technical support staffs who are always ready to help the clients. The firm can send its dinosaur costumes in any corner of the world within fixed deadline. The firm is also known for manufacturing dinosaur ride, simulation animal, animal toy cat etc.

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Zigong Intelligent Technology Co Ltd is specialized in manufacturing costumes and animatronics of dinosaurs and other animals. To know more, customers can visit its website.

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