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ICD Implant Procedure: The Cutting-Edge Solution to Heart Health

In the realm of medical marvels, an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) stands as a sentinel, vigilantly identifying perilous, frenetic heart rhythms that pose a threat to one's existence. Such a palpitation aberration is succinctly termed arrhythmia. The...

When Hearts Need Healing: Top Heart Hospitals in Delhi

Cardiothoracic surgery, undoubtedly, stands as one of the most challenging and demanding fields in the realm of surgery. While heart-related issues may not always necessitate surgery, there are often effective alternatives, such as lifestyle changes, medications, or...

Fortis Hospital India Spine Surgeons: Champions Of Pain Relief

The spine is a crucial component of our body, providing stability and strength as we engage in daily activities. It also acts as a protective shield for our spinal cord. However, when individuals face spinal issues, specialized spine care providers step in to offer...

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